The two co-founders of Greniqology Sdn. Bhd. (previously known as Rich –Wang PLT) come from two different background; oil and gas and technology management.

That, however, did not deter them from joining forces to bring to market an innovative product that would revolutionize the way people manage their oral care. Greniqology Sdn. Bhd. is a company previously known as Rich –Wang PLT.



To be the in the top three preferred natural brand in personal care market by maintaining 90% or more of natural and organic ingredients in all our products.

  • To build and maintain close ties with GLCs, Government agencies and relevant companies in the oral care industry
  • To consistently monitor the market share
  • To ensure effective results through high-quality R&D for product improvement
  • To continuously seek consultation from experts to learn and improve the
    management and leadership qualities in the organization
  • To put in place a strategic marketing plan to strengthen brand positioning in the market
  • To keep discovering potential or new global markets

What We Do For You?

Our Services

We will guide and assist until you manage to have your own customize product.

  1. 1

    At Greniqology, we will assist you from the production until end of the product. We also offer a packaging service for your product including

    • Sealing
    • Filling
    • Shrink
    • Bottle packaging.

  2. 2
    Certification Register

    Now you already have your own product, but still confused about the next process? Here we also provide a service to help you obtain KKM and HALAL certificates for your product. We will guide and help you on the procedure to make your product be certified.

  3. 3
    Product Testing

    We offer an in house cosmetic stability testing as well as any compatibility testing service for your product

    • We offer various range analytical and chemical testing services
    • Source & test raw materials
    • Find & analyze appropriate product packaging
    • Perform stability & shelf life test

    We also offer product testing service to test below parameter

    • Viscosity
    • Color
    • Accelerate test
    • pH
    • Microbial test

  4. 4

    We provide a consultation for those who want t to make their own products but still do not have any idea about making a product. We will assist you in decision making on

    • Purpose of the product
    • Type of ingredients suitable
    • Form of the product
    • Based on skin concern

174New Formulation
299Product Owner
150Consulting Session
1100Million Sales

Brief History of Our Company

Julay, 2016

Aiyub joins BlossomLab

February, 2016

GRENIQ brand was created

October 2015

BlossomLab was born

August, 2015

Rich A-Wang PLT was born

March, 2015

Joins MTDC Program