April 13, 2018

5 Must-know Facts About Organic Beauty Products

Product Labeled As Natural Doesn’t Always Mean Organic

Organic personal care use natural ingredients that are not altered before added to your product. However natural product use ingredients that grow in nature

Natural Oil Are Best For Skin

Natural oil is known to be the best oil for our skin. Various kind of oil such as jojoba oil,macadamia oil, almond oil as well as olive oil can give a great effect to our skin.

Organic Beauty Products

Avoid Ingredients That End In”Eth”

According to the research, any product that end with “eth” such as sodium laureth sulphate, myreth are positive for 1,4-Dioxane which can ciase cancer

Organic Make Up And Mineral Make Up Are Not The Same

Organic make up are made up of plant based ingredients (grown without using pesticide) . unlike mineral make up, they does not conatin toxic chemical such as mineral oils and parabens

Organic Product Are Food For Skin

Organic skin care is known to feed the skin with nutrient as our pores tend to absorb some of organic ingredients used in organic skincare. It is a long term usage to see the radiant effect to our skin

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